Pampering Your Flesh vs Your Soul.

I have a question for you: What is it that makes you feel good? I mean feel good in a sense where your confidence is on 1000 and it’s never coming down. Think about it. It seems impossible, right? Now, why do you think that is?

A lot of us has some bad days that we can’t seem to shake. The days where we don’t want to get out of bed and not based on comfortability of our bed but because of our low frequency. I learned about the importance of high frequencies and low frequencies in Jen Sincero’s book, “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”. For example, when your frequency is low that means you’re either sad, depressed, negative, irritated, self-conscious etc. and when your frequency is high, you tend to be happy, confident, compassionate, positive etc. and we sometimes need a confidence booster at our low frequencies which is where the need to feel good comes in.

You suddenly “want to feel good” so the one thing some of us know to do is to pamper ourselves. We get our nails done, a fresh haircut, a new outfit or three, a pair of shoes and automatically we feel like we’re back in the game. 
What we don’t realize is that we are dressing up our crap. Don’t get me wrong, I am the same way sometimes, a new outfit or spa day does enhance my self-esteem but what I did notice is that, the feeling is only temporary.

You realize after your shopping day is over when you sit your bags down from your favorite stores on the couch and turn on the television then suddenly BOOM! Your mood starts to weigh you down like 10 groceries bags on one arm. You sit there and figure out how you’re feeling this way when you did everything to make yourself feel good. You seem to be confused so you check every item to make sure you got everything on your list but there’s one thing you forgot to do. You want to know what is?

You must pamper your soul!

We focus on our flesh so much that we forget to pamper our soul. You might ask, pamper your soul how? Think of things that make you feel good that doesn’t enhance your physical appearance.

Here a few tips that may catch your eye:

Reciting affirmations to yourself is a helpful technique to pamper your soul during times of need. Even saying “I am beautiful” or “I am going to conquer the world and succeed today” to yourself is more profound than you think. You are affirming to yourself and soul positivity throughout the day and once you repeat something to yourself, you start to believe it. Instead of spending money on clothes you don’t need, pick up a magic marker and write a positive affirmation that resonates with you on your bathroom mirror and recite it to yourself every morning. Recite your affirmation while you’re brushing your teeth or applying makeup until you start to believe it. You will notice a positive shift in your everyday thinking.

Write Down 10 things You are Grateful For
Expressing your gratitude is a way to appreciate your life and everything that comes with it. Your personal list of gratitude will teach you to navigate at a high frequency rather than a low one. When you’re feeling sad and trying to shake that sadness, try thinking of things you are grateful for and see how quickly your mood will change once you realize it is better than what you perceive.

Sit in the Sun and Appreciate Nature
Vitamin D is good for the soul! On days where I felt like I needed to feel something, I would step out in the sun and feel a burst of energy. The warmth of the sun would calm me and help me forget about whatever emotions I was dealing with at the time. Sitting in the grass on a sunny day and listening to the birds chirping will help you appreciate the simple things in life. It’s a sense of self care when you plan a day to bring your favorite tapestry or blanket to lay on in the grass and let the sun shine on you while you marvel at the clouds. So with that being said, the next sunny day you’re feeling down or you notice your frequency is lower than you would like, sit in the sun and appreciate your life!

Every breath is a blessing. I got that quote from an author I appreciate by the name of Alex Elle. Sometimes when we are frustrated or feeling down in the dumps, we forget to appreciate the breath in our body. Being able to inhale and exhale is your opportunity to appreciate your life even more and you want to know why? Because if you’re not breathing, you’re dead. If you’re reading this article that means you’re alive and well and you have a personal purpose to live and love.

You know when you’re getting a routine checkup and the doctor puts the stethoscope at your chest and back then tells you to take a deep breath? Try doing that. Take a deep inhale through your nose and an even deeper exhale out of your nose. You feel yourself calm down, right? Try doing that a few times and feel your frequency elevate. Use this simple technique as a reminder to appreciate yourself.

We all need to feel good but sometimes it’s the way you pamper yourself that’ll make you feel even better. Pamper yourself on the inside and then focus on your outer appearance. Watch and you’ll notice a difference. Take care of you!