My Open Source Contributions

Emoji Mosaic turn images into emoji. source

Underscore.js Visual Cheat Sheet

b2 Docker image

How a quadtree works, source

React reverse order of items with lazy load

C++ pointer tutorial

b2 git mirror

Say Yes to HTTPS, a learning resource for web developers on what is HTTPS and how to implement it.

Circles on an axis in a static force layout using D3.

Flying objects screensaver

Homebrew package search results were confusing if you didn’t know their jargon. We improved this experience, see#42222


Committed on WordPress core since version 4.5, see all of my commits.

Led the Media Grid feature plugin which was a flagship feature of WordPress 4.0.

Helped with the Shiny Updates feature, which updates plugins without page reloads. Merged into WordPress 4.2.

Wrote Customizer API documentation.

Created an example of using the Customizer on the Edit Post screen.

Created an interactive Media JavaScript documentation.

Wrote a tutorial on Setting up a WordPress site on AWS.

How should we decide what features to bring into WordPress core?

Co-organized the local WordPress conference WordCamp NYC in 2014.

Batcache was serving stale pages after updates, which we fixed. See #27.