New government proposals would use artificial intelligence to vet immigrants. The danger for misuse is great.

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Erica Posey, Research and Program Associate, Brennan Center for Justice & Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Senior Counsel, Brennan Center for Justice
APRIL 4, 2018 | 10:15 AM

The United States has a long history of using cutting-edge technology to collect and analyze data on immigrants. Unfortunately, we have an equally long history of misusing that data to justify nativist and exclusionary policies.

More than 100 years after the initial use of electric tabulating machines to track immigrant populations, the methods and technologies used to collect immigrant data have changed dramatically. The danger of misuse, however, remains. As we evaluate new government proposals to deploy artificial intelligence for “extreme vetting” programs, we would do well to keep history in mind and take care to ensure that the technology is effective and the analysis it generates is accurate before we allow it to inform immigration policy. …


Erica Posey

Research and Program Associate, Liberty and National Security Program at Brennan Center for Justice

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