Erica Rothman, I like the well written way in which you have presented your path of reasoning and…
Daniel Sinnathamby

Thank you for your thoughtful response, Daniel! The interconnected ideas of locus of control, perception, analysis and choice are all rich veins for exploration. Your very analytical approach of using understanding and analysis to inform choice (thereby increasing control or perceived control) is appealing and logical.

How do you see the power of one’s emotional response affecting the decision making process? In the film, Sadness finds herself frequently paralyzed by a perceived inability to act. It is this perception that she overcomes, thereby growing (and advancing the plot). It seems to me that having a full understanding of all available options could push back against the emotional tide. It also seems to me that emotional currents and rational thought interact in complex ways that I don’t fully understand. I’m curious for your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such thorough comments!

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