Waiting For Ghosts: In Defense Of Cooking
Jen Sanfilippo

Lovely article. Thank you.

I am single. I have a busy job. I cook from scratch.

Now that my son has gone to uni, I cook every day. But I do it. I cook.

In the early days of living alone, I used to hate it. Cooking fro one seemed like a futile exercise. How much easy it would be to open a tin of beans and pop some bread in the toaster. After all, I only needed nutritionally balanced fodder. But as I grew used to living on my own, I started to look forward to the hour a day when I could focus on chopping, blending and stirring. I could detach from the busyness of the day. Cooking became a sort of demarcation between my public and private life. The gateway to relaxation.

After about a year on my own, I took to baking. It’s like praying. It gives me such pleasure giving cake as a gift to friends and collegues and watching it disappear in seconds.

I have never thought before to write about the joy that cooking gives me. Thank you for the inspiration.

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