Chapter 1 — “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

“Those who lead, inspire us”, the inspirational value that many great entrepreneurs and leaders obtain has been illustrated throughout time. Some examples that Sinek gives us, is with the wright brothers with the invention of the airplane, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and their invention of the first personal computer. Martin Luther King and his “dream” of a new America and civil rights for all. The commonality among all of these great leaders was their ability to inspire those around them. They all start with Why, and from there inspire others to act. Each one of them with the keen ability to create a following of people, not because they are swayed but they are inspired. This type of leader works for the good of the whole because they want to. Sinek describes these special leaders as those that think, act and communicate exactly alike….and it is the complete opposite than everyone else.

Start with Why. What does this really mean? I interpret this as challenging the social norms, ask questions and do not do something or believe something just because someone says it is so. Ask why. We make assumptions about the world around us because of the lack of information or false information that is fed to us every day. Our logic is dictated by the knowledge or data points that we have access to. The more data the better, however if data is based on the wrong assumption, than it has the potential to perpetuate a false reality. There is a constant dance between “gut” and rational thinking. Sinek bestows wisdom by saying:

· Ensure the pieces fit before the start

· Great leaders understand the value in things that we cannot see

· Every instruction, course of action and result, start with a decision

Ask the questions. Start with Why?