Chapter 2 — “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

“One can manipulate or inspire”. There are two forms of approaching business: manipulation or inspiration. Manipulation is a strong factor in sales and marketing. Businesses or marketers will use fear or peer pressure through advertisements. Manipulations can work in price and promotions. Fear whether it is real or perceived is a powerful manipulation tool. Sinek says, “when fear is employed, facts are accidental”. He describes various ads, such as drug ads, “this is your brain on drugs”, promoting fear to motivate one to move away from something horrible. On the contrary aspiration moves us toward something desirable. Aspirational messages have the potential to spur behavior, which I see as a sustainable means of forward progression.

What is a real innovation? Sinek describes it as something that changes the way society works, changes the way we do business, changes industries and our societal lives. In other words, innovation relies on novelty. For example, Facebook truly changed the course of our lives, the way we do business, how our society works and created a new industry. This is true innovation and uses inspiration and manipulation. Having both is critical for long-term success, if manipulation is one’s only strategy it may not produce long term results nor will it inspire loyalty.