i’ve had to dig,

and dig,

and dig,

to get — here.


i’m so happy to have arrived.

moving to medium marks a new chapter in my life…at least i think it does. hopefully, this is where the lane opens up and i find my path to walk on in Mastering the Art of Publishing Your Work written by none other than the wind beneath my wings.

only i, would turn something as simple as a social networking switch into a piece of my puzzle. i can’t complain though — i’m doing this for myself with no extra gimmicks, how-tos, or 101s. i’m just looking for a space to call mine in the digital blogging world while keeping my dignity in tact.

many people define success with skyrocketing stats, endless shares, and an onslaught of comments. it’s understood that to get here, one must work endlessly to tackle SEOs and peak publishing times.

the mask is off. no pen names, aliases, or stage names — i’m tired of the bombastic voices in my head telling me i’m a fraud when i see my words written on other platforms. i’ve felt the pang of ignoring my inner voice one too many times.

i don’t wish to make time for this kind of suffering anymore. i just want to write and spend the rest of my life generating income as i discover my authentic + ever-changing self.

sacrifice has no room in the paradigm of my success because if i have to “sacrifice” it then it was never a part of my story to begin with.

but who knows.

maybe i’m just an egotistical + naively selfish 20 yr old hiding in the shadows of what i’m supposed to be.

only time will tell.

oh and uh,

if anyone happens to stumble into a medium blackhole and end up on my page, welcome.

i’m not that big on intros + bios but hi, my name is erica adjekpiyede and i like to speak in the language of written words.