Asset Management Software: Dominant features to look for

Asset Management Software involves the management of physical assets like selection, maintenance and renewal. It plays the basic role in determining the operational performance and profitability of industries and organizations that operate assets as part of their core business. Asset Management is the art and science of making the right decisions at the right time and optimizing the processes effectively.

The following mentioned important features while considering a good Asset Management Software for your business;

· Ability to Manage Software Licenses

One of the most important things Asset Management can do is to assure your compliance with the licensing contracts. About 20 percent of the organizations are out of compliance and vendors are stepping up their game in terms of auditing and fining out of compliance companies. Avoiding these fines can pay for the cost of an Asset Management Software with license management capabilities.

· Robust Inventory and Discovery Capabilities

If you know that what devices and users are accessing your software is one of the major pillar of good security but it also improves the help desk’s ability to provide good service. Always choose an Asset Management Software like Erpisto that tracks the inventory and discovers the new devices as they log into the system.

· The Ability to Manage Mobile Devices

Mobile device users are notorious for downloading their own apps, making it harder for IT to track what apps are in play in their system. Moreover, these devices make security harder to control. Always try to find a software that can help monitor and manage mobile devices and users, as well as your desktop PCs.

· The Ability to Manage Virtual Environments

If you are working in an environment which consists of virtual machines and servers, it’s time to find an Asset Management Software that allows you to monitor and manage these effectively. Additionally, if your company makes use of cloud services (the most common nowadays), you will also need a software that helps you to track and manage these parts of the system. Not all asset management software offers the ability to track virtual environments but Erpisto do.

· A User-Friendly Interface

The interface shouldn’t be the hurdle that keeps IT department from making the most of your asset management. You should look for an intuitive interface that is way easier to learn and gives a lot of information in an easily digestible format. Some other softwares are so difficult to understand they deliver little benefit to the company. While, Erpisto Asset Management Software provides a very easy user-interface and hence anyone can easily understand it.

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