Weekly update: 2016 week #34

Hello y’all! Last week was a productive week for Dynalist:


  • Changed the style of all existing tooltips. Now they have a consistent look and update in real time when you toggle stuff.
  • UI improvements for buttons and input fields. Hopefully they look simpler and flatter now. Some people complained that some parts of our UI look a bit too 2008 :)
  • Move shortcut help panel to the right so that it doesn’t cover your content when you have it open.
  • Added search tip to search bar to make the search modifiers more discoverable.
  • Now you can pick dates in the date picker with arrow keys!
  • Improved the UI of the view filter options. We have to admit that it was pretty confusing before, and hopefully it’s easier to understand and to use now.
  • Added the “edited:” search modifer. Now you can search for recently edited items, e.g. search for “edited:7d” to bring up all items that were changed during the past week.
  • Optimized how date picker and tag/link suggestion popup are displayed. Before, the date picker would display below the current line even if there’s not enough space. Now they would appear above the current line if there’s more space there.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed file misalignment in the file pane on mobile.
  • Fixed node toolbar misalignment on iOS. Before, the black toolbar was not centered on the screen because of miscalculation.

That’s it, hope you guys liked it. Have an awesome week and we’ll see you next week!

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