Weekly update: 2016 week #40

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone also in Canada! We’re very thankful for having awesome users like you guys. Seriously.


  • We’re sending out invites for the Windows app private beta later today, super excited! We’ve spent a fair amount of time on this during the past week fixing bugs and doing final polishing, and we hope the private beta would go well. (We’ve got more than enough beta testers onboard, so unfortunately we can’t accept more beta testers last minute. The public beta version will be out soon!)


  • Added new options to display images inline along with text, rather than showing a link. The displayed image will be downsized if the original image is large. You can always click on it to open up the original image in a new tab. The setting can be found in Settings → Preferences → Appearance.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed pasting screenshots not working. Before, when you paste in a screenshot that’s saved in your clipboard, the image markdown will be created but the placeholder URL won’t be replaced by the real URL even after uploading has completed. In other words, the image always shows as “This image is being uploaded”.
  • Fixed timezone not recognized. Before, if you enable the “Show timezone” option and change the timezone, the change won’t be recognized.
  • Fixed wrong bold and italics format when exporting to plain text. Before, HTML would be exported in plain text instead of markdown (e.g. “<b>text</b>” instead of “**text**”).
  • Fixed pressing Enter twice at the top level would zoom out.
  • Fixed title selection bug. Before, you can select text in the title from right to left but not from right to left. This is a tricky bug, but Shida nailed it!
  • Fixed Shift+Up/Down while focusing in note would blur the cursor.

That’s it, see you next week!

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