Weekly update: 2016 week #45

The biggest news is that we’re starting the closed betas for both MacOS and Linux later today! We’ve spent a fair amount of last week working on shipping them, and we’re super pumped about them!

Aside from the closed betas, we’ve also worked on and fixed a bunch of smaller things. Read on if you’re interested…


  • Full-screen experience when sent to iOS home screen. Before, the address bar still shows up after being sent to the home screen. If you’ve previously done so, please remove the icon and add it again.
  • Disable rather than hiding mobile toolbar options. Before, when an option is not available, it simply disappears from the mobile toolbar, making it hard to predict where to tap. Now the unavailable option still shows up; they are greyed out much more to show they’re disabled.
  • Allow empty image description. Before, ![](http://example.com/image.png) doesn’t get parsed as an image at all.


  • Fixed can’t type ń on a Polish keyboard. Before, the Alt+N shortcut is taken by toggling visibility of notes. Now you can set you keyboard layout to Polish and use alternative shortcuts. See details here.
  • Fixed misalignment with multi-line code segments. Before, the first line of code would have padding on the left side but the other lines don’t.
  • Fixed formatting shortcuts like Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I not working when you select a portion of the note.
  • Fixed formatting shortcuts only working for the top level items when you have multiple items selected. Now it works for their children and grandchildren items as well.
  • Fixed note not getting copied over when you convert a list to a document, or copying an existing document with the “Make a copy” option.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Setting screen doesn’t have inertia on iPhone.
  • Fixed the Upgrade option appearing for users who’re already Pro on desktop app.
  • Fixed onboarding tutorial not showing up on desktop app.
  • Fixed scrollbar problem when viewing a publicly shared document. Before, the scrollbar is invisible, but you can still scroll.
  • Fixed selection automatically getting deselected when you use Tab to indent multiple items at once, making it hard to indent multiple items multiple levels.
  • Fixed checked items not properly hidden when searched. Before, if A has a parent B that’s checked off and A matches the search query, the visible parents of B still shows up, making it hard to understand exactly what was matched (since both A and B are hidden).
  • Fixed changing the “Display images inline” option not taking effect immediately.

That’s it guys… see you next week!