Weekly update: 2016 week #46

This week we’re adding a new “Ongoing” section to update you guys on the not-really-visible-but-we-spent-time-on stuff.

Also announcement first: we’re looking for beta testers for the Android app closed beta. To apply, please shoot us a note via the in-app feedback option and let us know the Google account you use for the Play Store. Please do not leave your email address in the comments or in the forum to avoid getting spammed.


  • We’re in the middle of closed betas for macOS and Linux. We’ve received a bunch of feedback, fixed some issues, and we’ll wait some more for it to become stable.
  • We’ve successfully made the Android app work on a phone, and we’ll start using it internally soon. The next big step is to make offline editing work well. Apps get killed much more often on mobile, so we’ll have to spend extra time making sure. Right now we’re aiming to release both the Android and iOS app before end of 2016.


  • New font option: system font. It uses your system font depending on your platform. That means it’s Segoe UI on Windows, San Francisco on macOS, etc.


  • Mac closed beta: fixed cannot copy and paste with Cmd-C and Cmd-V.
  • Mac closed beta: allowed hiding app with Cmd-H.
  • Fixed symbols like ½ appear as black boxes under the default font setting. This also fixes the ugly style for bold and italics, plus characters like ć and ñ.
  • Fixed spaces at the beginning and end will be trimmed when you paste into Dynalist.
  • Fixed page style is broken for print.
  • Fixed the note icon when notes are hidden would disappear when you refresh the page or switch documents.

That’s it, we hope you have an awesome week!