Weekly update: 2017 week #7

After finishing up with polishing Google Calendar integration, now it’s time to catch up on bugs and improvements:


  • We’re continuing the investigation on the blank screen problem with desktop apps, as well as beta mobile app crash when opening a large document. So far, we’ve got no luck reproducing either problem, so if you know any additional details as to how to make the the problem happen consistently, it would help tremendously! Don’t hesitate to shoot us a note about any findings you’ve got. Thanks in advance!


  • [Reliability] We set up monitoring for a few key metrics on the server. This will let us know about anything abnormal with the server, before it eventually leads to downtime. Hopefully this will prevent incidents like what happened last Wednesday in the future.
  • [Date/UI] Now you can remove a date quickly by clicking it while holding Alt.


  • [Gcal] Fixed date off by one for timezones in the UTC +1 to UTC +14 range (looks like “you’ll run into at least one timezone-related bug when doing any time-related stuff” is very true).
  • [UI/minor] Fixed date picker opens when tapping on a date in Read Mode on mobile.
  • [UI/minor] Fix main menu cannot be opened after being closed.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed misaligned bullet points under compact list density setting on mobile.

That’s it, see you next week!

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