Weekly update: 2017 week #8

Last week:


  • We investigated the blank screen problem that’s sometimes encountered when opening the desktop app. We found two things that could cause the problem. One of them is fixed, and we added more information for the second one (we didn’t fix it since it seems highly unlikely to happen at all). The fix was released in 1.0.21, but because we didn’t know exactly how it’s caused, we’re not calling it fixed. If you continue to see an entirely blank screen after updating to 1.0.21 or newer, please let us know and we’ll do more investigation.
  • We investigated the document disappearance problem on the desktop app. It’s pretty rare, and the symptom is that when you add documents while offline, documents seem to disappear from the desktop app while it’s still available on the web version. It should be fixed now, we apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who ran into the problem in the past!
  • We started to investigate the slowness on mobile apps when loading relatively large documents (1,000+ items). Currently, the problem is worse in the iOS app, since it’s using a less optimized browser for technical reasons. Closed beta testers may find it much slower than the Safari web version. Hopefully we’ll make progress this coming week to shave off loading and rendering time to benefit the performance on all platforms.


  • The Android app is now available for public beta! You can get it here.


  • [Mobile/iOS] Fixed cannot copy paste on iOS Safari.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot select formatted text in read only mode.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed sometimes note is displayed twice when just exited the search mode.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed cannot edit numbered list on mobile. Before, when you tap on the numbered list item, it will toggle its collapsed state.

This week and next week will mostly be used to catch up on bugs and performance optimization. We pushed off lots of things while building Google calendar integration, and now it’s time to squash some bugs.

After that, we’ll update our changelog and roadmap to reflect our most up-to-date focus. Stay tuned!

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