Being is Doing; Or Why I Returned to Blogging

I’ve started this first blog post a couple different times, working on the best way to introduce my re-entry into the blogosphere. I wanted to set the right tone, introduce the various subjects I’d write about, and explain that this was more about expressing myself than anything else.

In this ideal defining first post, I’d explain how I wouldn’t obsess over developing a large following or wouldn’t tailor my subject matter to be more clickable. I’d just write about whatever random subjects I’ve wanted to explore and explain.

It’s been a while since I consciously identified as a writer, though. Grad school, the adjunct life, and a number of other things have gotten me off the writing path; even though writing is exactly what I’ve been teaching for the last 5 years and writing is exactly what I’ve been doing for much longer. I’ve been editor of school newspapers, a crime reporter in Chicago, and an online magazine editor before grad school came along (RIP The Brew, 2007–2010). I also received a rejection slip from a niche noir publisher for a novella I submitted.

And since being can be defined as what you are doing, I better get to it. So here’s to blogging again. And here’s the very varied subjects I’ll be covering:

Korean Cinema — Evangelicalism and LGBTQ+ people — Surviving As an English Adjunct Instructor — Existentialism — Coming Out Later in Life — The Rhetoric of Just About Everything — Depolarization — Independent Cinema — Kierkegaard and Just About Everything — Respectful Discourse

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