I just finished my first week at Hinge, where I’m the new VP of Engineering. I’m excited and honored to be joining a team that has built such and amazing product and business in a relatively short amount of time.

Like most people, I love love, and am excited to help our users be bold and find romance. My career has been primarily driven by nerdery and engineering excellence at places like Google, Etsy and Spotify, but I also have a history of innovating in the dating space.

  • In 2001, I built a very basic friends/dating website for readers of…

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Last week I shared some startup co-founder tips. In addition, there are some personal/professional productivity tips that I’d like to share that might be contrary to a lot of folk’s GTD/productivity philosophies.

Emails are for losers

Jason and I have simple ultra-prioritized weekly and daily goals. The rest of the team do as well. We have twice-daily standups (10am & 5pm) that keep everyone on the same page, accountable, and efficient. And personable. We don’t send emails. We use Google Docs for any detailed information (e.g. specs), and use comments for offline discussions.

Important trumps interesting

I try to always…

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Last week, late one night as I submitted Stereotypes v2.0 to the App Store, I realized that it coincided with my 1 year anniversary of working fulltime on Stereotypes. Working with Jason and the rest of the Stereotypes team this past year has been the most rewarding chapter of my professional life, and all kinds of fun.

I wanted to share 5 things I’ve learned so far as co-founder and CTO of Stereotypes, using as many mixed metaphors and clichéd titles possible…

Don’t sweat the small stuff (cuz nobody likes nerd sweat)

At my last startup Wingman, my co-founder (and…

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In February, I was lucky enough to win the Listserve lottery, where I shared some stories on how music has changed my life. It was a bizarre thrill to have an audience of nearly 22,000 strangers read my personal anecdotes.

I received hundreds of wonderful responses back, from all over the globe, from all walks of life. Stories of romance, of friendship, of joy, of life, of celebration. Silly stories of youthful indiscretion, first loves, first heartbreaks. Of regret, of loss, of death. Incredibly personal, incredibly nostalgic, incredibly moving.

The level of emotional connection these strangers seem to have felt…

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It just keeps getting worse.

Love and appreciation of music have always been an important part of my life, as I’m sure they are for many of you. Over the last year as we’ve evolved Stereotypes, I’ve fully immersed myself in people’s emotional connections to music—all day, every day.

Thousands of folks have taken the time to chat with me and the team about what music means to them, and how it connects them to those they care about.

Earlier this year, we spent 3 months in Austin (the live music capital of the world), chatting with salty honky-tonk fans…

At dinner last night for a friend’s birthday, I was having difficulty deciding between two dishes—the salmon and the cod. This always happens when I go out to eat… I’m decisive enough to narrow down the 68 menu options to 2 or 3, and then I get stuck. So I told the waiter “I need your help—any thoughts on the salmon and the cod?” After a pause, he tells me “well, the cod is very popular tonight, but I prefer the salmon”.

I went with the salmon.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen many smart people try to tackle…

I have been a music fanatic for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are driving around Indiana with my mom in 1981 (when I was 4), listening to Queen on the radio, or washing the car with my dad—Led Zeppelin and The Police booming out of the radio. When I was 6, I would put on my Thriller record, tape down one walkie-talkie’s “talk” button, and then take the other walkie-talkie with me down to the lake—so I could go fishing but take my soundtrack with me. …

Eric Bogs

Global soul. Raconteur. Music addict. Proud nerd. Co-founder and CTO of http://stereotypes.fm

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