Offshore Fishing Naples, Florida

Spring time here in Florida is some of the best fishing of the year. The temps are on the rise, both air and water, the weather is fine, and the fish are out of their winter doldrums; and they’re hungry! Although Florida is well known for their inshore fishing for redfish, snook, trout, flounder and much more, the deep sea fishing is nothing to look past. On the east side of the state we have the almighty Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf Stream just a short run away. The Gulf Stream brings in a smorgasbord of food and nutrients for a wide variety of fish and mammals. The Atlantic is teeming with life. On the west coast of Florida, we have the expansive, relatively shallow Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf offers up amazing structure which is home to some very aggressive and hungry fish and offers a sanctuary for juvenile fish and baitfish alike. If grouper and snapper (among many others) are on the menu, then the Gulf of Mexico is your grocery store. Even though there are many access points to fish the Gulf, Naples, Florida is one of the top areas to make a day run out of. No expertise? No fishing equipment? No fishing license? No worries! Naples is home to a plethora of deep sea fishing charters that specialize in putting you on the fish.

As stated earlier, spring is prime time to hit the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Anywhere there is structure, there is bound to be fish. Artificial reefs, rock piles, shipwrecks, platforms and more are great places to check for grouper. But the fishing doesn’t stop there. As you bounce from structure site to structure site, be sure to always keep a line wet by trolling for King Mackerel. These lightning fast pelagics cruise the water column in search of their next meal. They very rarely shy away from a shiny spoon ripping through the water. Once you arrive to your next structure spot you may also find your next bucket list fish; the goliath grouper. The goliath grouper can reach sizes of up to 500+ pounds and is the true king of the depths. It is every deep sea angler’s dream to reel in a monster like that.

Big permit are also found along structure this time of year. Permits are notoriously difficult to catch on artificial lures, but live crabs and sandfleas will often times do the trick. Once hooked, they dive, dart and put up one heck of a fight. Thirty to forty pound Permits are not uncommon this time of year as the move from structure to structure.

Regardless of the type of fish you find yourself catching in the Gulf of Mexico out of the Naples, Florida area, one thing is for sure; you better hold on! It’s bound to take you for a ride!

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