7 Ways to Have Fun while Baking and Cleaning

What is house work for you? Some never-ending chores and domestic duties? The repetitive cooking and cleaning is monotonous and you wonder how it’s possible to fill yourself with pride and confidence? You may quit your boring job, you can meet new people, even embrace a new faith. However, some things will always be there — the dishes to wash, the clothes to iron, and the surfaces to vacuum and sweep. It is really difficult to emphasise the rewards of housework when you have to deal with gross build-ups inside your oven or something even more awful. Choose the following tactics to liven up your cooking and cleaning chores a bit.

Purchase Attractive and Colour-Rich Equipment

The dull colours of your gear will always remind you how boring is to scrub and sweep the oven and the fridge. You need to change the appearance of your cleaning kit. Some colourful aprons and gloves will be of assistance. Same applies for your cooking outfit. Feel like a real chef — get yourself a cap. In fact, you will do yourself a favour — the risk of finding hair in your food will diminish.

Look Idiotic with a New Hairstyle

Both cooking and cleaning are supposed to end up with a shower. You can do a lot of experiments — try out a new eye shadow or lipstick before you take a hot bath. Every time you gussy up in front of the mirror, you will have a good laugh.

Don’t do any of that if you are a guy. Instead, try to focus on the cleaning as much as possible. Finish fast and have more spare time for a hobby or a beer. According to professional oven cleaners from London this is not only optimal in terms of time but quality as well. The super intense and highly focused way of executing the cleansing is more precise and faster.

Whistle Some Merry Melodies

You want to perfect the tune from Kill Bill? Why not do some practice when you bake muffins? Your cleaning chores give you the opportunity to enjoy music that you often ignore. Before you bend your back to the oven cleaning tasks, choose some upbeat hits to feel the rhythm. You may even rediscover some vintage chart breakers and re-evaluate your taste. For instance, if you didn’t have time to enjoy the charm of classic music, any repetitive chore will give you this opportunity.

Tip: in order to be safe, use green cleaning solutions during oven cleaning. According to professionals, you should be able to drink the detergent if you want to feel safe and calm when using it for oven and cooker cleaning in your kitchen.

Enjoy Little Breaks

Choose a relaxing activity. For instance, you can browse for cats in Halloween costumes. That’ll help especially if you prepare a Halloween recipe. If you intend to clean your home form top to bottom, such breaks will make the difference between partially cleaned and absolutely sparkling house. Choose your relaxation wisely, though — if you argue with online oafs, you may be clumsy later. Don’t make your break too long, or you will lose your tempo. The latter leads to results that don’t fit your expectations. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by a half-done job.

Inspire Yourself with a Sticker

Stickers function as little reminders — they will constantly motivate you to finish the task in hand. Make a list of cleaning achievements and place it on a visible section of your wall. You may even think of bragging notes — even the silliest ‘certificate’ can make you more diligent. You may laugh at the ‘best housewife’ sign in your neighbour’s kitchen, but it turns out these little notes are actually useful. For example, if you have a spaghetti goddess award, you will be less likely to cook a mediocre pasta dish. Place one of these on the cooker, on the fridge or on the extractor and enjoy your time.

Give a Call to a Friend

With a headset, you will be free to call your mother. Or your schoolmate. Just make sure you have someone to encourage you. For instance, your mother could give you invaluable tips. Or else, you can get familiar with the latest gossip. In all cases, calling a friend or relative during house chores is never a waste of time.

Buy Yourself a Present

A job well done comes together with a reward. Don’t wait for someone else to congratulate you. Do it yourself — enjoy an ice cream cone, a glass of wine and a movie. The choice is yours. When you celebrate after long hours of tiresome clean-up and cooking, you will feel that all these chores have been done for a reason.