Integrated Marketing “Transfarency”

Southwest is known as one of the leading airlines in the market. They are most famous for their low airfare yet positive customer experience. However, Southwest has found it increasingly difficult to uphold this image as they continue to grow. This problem is what led them to introduce the “Transfarency” campaign, which emphasizes that the company still upholds the same values that they did when they were first created: low rates and a positive experience. This campaign used television, radio, print and other various digital mediums to present this new campaign.

The main hub of the campaign is the website, which has new features including an interactive game called “fee or fake,”which lets consumers choose which fee they think is real on different airlines, proving that Southwest does in fact have a less expensive experience than other airlines. Another feature of the “Transfarency” website is “Dear Southwest,” in which people can write letters to Southwest about a bad eperience they had with another airline using the hashtag #FeesDontFly, which has caused the campaign to become very popular on Twitter.

All in all, Southwest’s campaign is all about transparency (obviously), which to me is the most important quality to have as a company because transparency builds trust and trust means more consistent customers.

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