The man, the myth, the legend

Hi there! I’m Eric. I am a Junior majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Advertising from Covington, LA. I go by many different nicknames such as Erbear, Booty or Airwreck.

A fun fact about me is that I play the trumpet. I have played the trumpet for 7 years now and very much enjoy it because it gives me a chance to express myself without having to talk or move much.

One thing that many people do not know about me is that I recently got a tattoo on my arm of a plus sign. The plus sign represents positivity, which is my greatest strength. I have a knack for seeing the silver lining in every situation and always looking at the positives in life, so whenever I am faced with a challenging or stressful situation, I just pull up my sleeve and look at my tattoo and it reminds me to stay positive.

I am, in every aspect, a people person. I thrive when I am around people and could not imagine myself in a profession that would not require me to work with the public, which is why I love Mass Communication so much. Mass Communication requires me to network and connect with others who are far different from myself. It also challenges me to expand my mind and be open to the world around me and I appreciate that Mass Communication is one of the few fields where I can exhibit professonalism but at the same time be my crazy enthusiastic self and expresss my individuality.

I am thrilled to take MC 3031 because my Adobe Premiere/Photoshop abilities are not where they would like to be, and I know that this class will force me to become familiar with the software. By the end of this class, I hope to be comfortable with using Adobe editing software and confident in my abilities to think creatively and come up with attractive graphics and visuals.

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