Jiyo App Aims to Improve User’s Overall Health

Best-selling author and alternative medicine guru Dr. Deepak Chopra has created a new app called Jiyo that aims to improve user’s overall health and well-being. Dr. Chopra refers to the app as a “well-being partner” that helps people to become their best selves by creating a total mind-body integration. The app takes a holistic approach with a focus on creating a balance between sleep, nutrition, personal growth, exercise, and relationships. The overall purpose is to help users to be more self-aware and take small steps towards becoming their best selves.

The App Studies Habits

The app learns about users’ habits and fitness levels by integrating with smart phones and other connected devices including Jawbone, Google Fit, Fitbit, HeartCloud and Moves. It analyzes the data and offers insights and suggestions based on your personal habits and activities. These personalized content recommendations are called “bits.” If the app notices that you aren’t sleeping enough, it may send tips for getting a good night’s rest. Sitting too long at your desk may prompt a challenge to get up and take a walk, or you may receive a healthy recipe around the time you usually eat. Users can share a photo when a bit has been completed, and posting it on the “My Moments” page allows you to inspire other users in the Jiyo community. This is also the place to share thoughts, videos, and inspirations. 
 The “Discover” tab provides curated content on topics including sleep, fitness, relationships, medication, and more. The layout is similar to that of Pinterest, but the content is personalized to each individual user. Jiyo is also available on the web but the app is better suited to the personalization that comes from integrating with other devices.

The Power of Peer Influence

The app takes advantage of the power of peer influence by providing users with badges for the completion of bits. Users can gain motivation by seeing their status climb on the leader boards. The social aspect of the app helps users to connect and bond with other like-minded people. Tasks can even be shared with friends. 
 The basic version of the app is free and is available on both iPhone and Android. Jiyo Plus offers in-app purchases of premium content from renowned well-being experts in various fields. Topics include financial well-being, yoga, chiropractic care, diabetic care, health and wellness, Ayurvedic treatments, mindfulness, consciousness, living with intent, and move.
 Dr. Chopra says that his goal is to reach one billion people and help them to personally transform their lives. He believes that doing so will create a societal transformation.

Eric Braverman the medical director of PATH.”