DIY Planer Stand

I built a rolling planer stand today out of a few 2x4s, a sheet of 1/2" plywood, and four wheels. This project is simple enough that I didn’t bother with plans. The stand is 21" wide and 21" deep, and the height (excluding wheels) is 32". The dimensions are based on a scientific process called “this seems about right for my planer.”

First, plane the 2x4s to ensure they are the same width and thickness. Then make three of these shelf supports, 21" by 21". Join using pocket holes and the Kreg Jig HD so they are extremely strong.

This next image shows how the shelves come together. I glued plywood to the bottom and middle shelf, bolted wheels to the bottom shelf, and glued & screwed the plywood back.

Next up is the sides. Again, glue & screw 1/2" plywood to the shelf supports. The sides and back tie everything together making this lightweight yet rock solid.

I tried to ensure the grain direction looks right. The shelves are aligned horizontally, while the grain on the sides and back is vertical. Because I installed the back first, the sides cover the back piece’s end grain.

Gluing and nailing the top followed by light sanding finishes the project! Here is the final result with planer.

I’ll probably add some hangers on the sides to get a bit more storage space. Time for the next project!

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