Toptal to the Top

I started working freelance and am working on Upwork, Toptal Web engineering group ( and Freelancer. These jobs allow a dev to get maximum exposure to a variety of development tasks… including mobile iOS, Android, chrome plugins, and web development with the latest frameworks such as React, Angular 2.0, and Ember. I relish the opportunity to get exposure and gain skills that you couldn’t get in a regular 9–5 maintaining some app.

I have worked at some of the top companies in the industry, working on,, working on prototypes for Nest, and backend development for Nike Jordan.

Throughout my experience, I have found and worked with product managers, product owners, designers, developers, and more. The best teams are self-organizing developers working to complete feature development, testing, and final delivery to the end owners.

I’ve learned what makes a great culture, and a great learning experience. The people start it off. When you go into an interview it’s important to get knowledge on the company and the team you’re joining. Who are you working with? What experience do they have? What’s the best project they’ve worked on? How have they used that experience to make working on this project or at this company better? They should have good answers for this.

Feel the vibe of the company. Who are these people, are they willing to help you get up to speed? Are they willing to put in the hours to make it painless or are they gonna watch you flounder and laugh in the corner? I hope not. There are companies with cutthroat developers looking to move up. Don’t join those companies or work on those teams.

These lessons apply to freelancing. Feel out the vibe over chat or Skype of the person needing development. Generally they will lowball you because they think development is cheap. If you pay bottom dollar, you’ll get bottom of the barrel development. Good luck. Good riddance.

Have fun with it, take it day by day, and build that client list.

I love working freelance and can’t wait to start on this journey learning and delivering great experiences, products and platforms.

Building features… building futures.

We out.

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