Javascript Fatigue

Saul: “How’s it going?”
Me: “Fatigued.”
Saul: “Family?”
Me: “No, Javascript.”

There is a major problem in the React community that cripples beginners and hinders experts alike.

When a generator is good solution for repetitious code, a better solution is to abstract it into a simpler API.

Abstractions are necessary to reduce the cognitive load of how things work so you can focus on creating.

Application developers should not have to become experts in the underpinnings of the library just to use it.

However, if we start with the intent to just build a prototype, the underlying abstractions don’t matter.

2016 will likely involve a serious, focused conjoining of projects, tools, and language features to merge the best and brightest packages/tools/boilerplates into more formalized projects. — Matt Keas in State of the Union.js



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