I firmly believe that the inability/unwillingness of the vast majority of alcohol users to accept…
Joseph Kim

Of course alcohol is a drug, but the solution our society’s problems with alcohol will not be solved by recognizing it as such because our society’s perception of “drugs” is also flawed. Caffeine is a drug, and so are hundreds of other compounds that are found naturally in the foods we eat every day. “Drugs” as a class are neither good nor bad, they are simply tools. Some of them are harmful, some of them are beneficial, and most of them are both to some degree or another. We should recognize that alcohol is a drug, and we should recognize that it is dangerous and should be consumed responsibly, but we should also recognize that something being a drug does not mean that it is categorically wrong or that it should be banned. Drugs should simply be respected for the powerful tools that they are and used with restraint, forethought, and wisdom. When Kelvin said that alcohol is a depressant, he didn’t “almost have it,” he just stated the truth more specifically than he could have.

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