I firmly believe that the inability/unwillingness of the vast majority of alcohol users to accept…
Joseph Kim

You’re right, you didn’t call for that, that was conflation on my part and I apologize for that. It was late when I read that and I fired off a response a little too hastily. I’m easily frustrated by people who think that all drugs are inherently bad, and I was too quick to lump you into that category, so sorry for that.

What I meant by what Kelvin “could have done” is refer to alcohol explicitly using the word “drug.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed like that was what you wanted him to do. I was just trying to point out that referring to alcohol as a depressant is merely a more specific way of doing that, because all depressants are, by definition, drugs. So he wasn’t avoiding calling it a drug any more than saying my pet Spot is a border collie would be avoiding calling her a dog; it’s just a more specific label.

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