Simple Gospel

As a Bible College student surrounded by a ton of people who like me are trying to figure this Jesus thing out, we tend to complicate things. It goes deeper then just my Bible College conversations though. I’ve noticed it at Churches I’ve attended, with family, friends who don’t go to Bible College etc. I’ve noticed that so often we get caught up in this idea that we need answers to questions. Like; was the world created in a literal seven days, are you a calvinist or armeniest (I think that’s proper spelling), what about your view on the end times? We get so muddled up in these conversations that we end up looking like a dog chasing its tail.

Now don’t get me wrong I believe in the importance of theology, I study it frequently. I love having conversations centered around it. I’m not saying the study of theology is a bad thing at all….please don’t get that from what I’m saying. But…I wonder if maybe we focus on it a bit too much. I wonder if maybe we’ve forgotten that the message of the Gospel is inherently simple.

There’s this band called United Pursuit, and there Simple Gospel album from 2015 has been my most played album this past year or so. And the message that I keep getting out of this album as a whole and primarily there song Simple Gospel is this idea that the Gospel is indeed simple. You see the simple message of the gospel is found within the lines

I reach out and you find me in the dust
You say no amount of untruths can separate us

You see its these moments where:
We are Broken
beaten down by the weight of life
And thrown to dirt

It’s in these moments that being frank theology doesn’t really matter. It’s these moments where I find myself not caring about my view on creation or whatever, But when I find myself in the dust I look up and see his hand. He picks me up and he says “you are more then the lies”

That’s the simple message of the Gospel. That because we are broken and sinful and a mess on the ground, the creator of the universe bends down into the dirt, helps us up, and says very simply that “I am redeeming you.” From Genesis 1-Revelation 22, all 66 books, the lives we are living now the message of the Gospel is simply redemption. God is redeeming us and calling us back into a story with him, and yes there is a ton of stuff that goes with that. However, I know me personally with school starting back up I needed to remind myself that the message of the Gospel, the story of Jesus, the story we are all invited into is a simple one of redemption.

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