RIP Democratic Party
Yvonne C. Claes

Boo-freakin-hoo, whanny-freakin-whanny. You’re all really turning into quite a pissy lot. Let me drop some knowledge on you. Philosophically speaking, voting for Bernie over Hillary is for me a dead option. Better yet, I believe that voting for Clinton is a live and momentous option, one that will greatly improve my life. What’s more, I want you and all other Bernie supporters to stop thinking that what I’ve chosen does not go against my better interests, and I want you guys to stop thinking that we’re making our choice based on blind faith. I have examined my choice quite thoroughly, thank you very much, much like I’m sure you have yours, and if you are a believer of the Martin Buber I/thou existence theory, then you must accept me as the thou to your I, as opposed to the I/it mentality that the more voracious, obscenity-laden Bernie supporters have become. I went to school around enough of that to know that when it comes down to things like “Fuck you, Yudoff!” (google is your friend), then there’s no point in expecting respectful behavior. And when the Bernie and Trump camps clash, it turns into an it/it. Clinton values you as thou, no matter if you choose to see it or not. This election is too momentous for both your camps to act so trivially. And to expect me to identify with such a base would be like expecting me to like pet food over beef stew.

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