Improving Balance Doesn’t Have To Look Like This For Seniors

Balance like health is often taken for granted. When we have good balance we assume that we always will but notice greatly when its gone. If you have poor balance or want to maintain the balance that you have, what do you do? Well in my exercise classes that I teach to seniors in Toronto, I focus on a few foot positions that are easy to practice at home and unlike the picture don’t require a flaming hoop.

  1. If your balance is really troubling, start by standing tall and making sure you can maintain balance just with both of your feet touching. When you can hold this position easily for 30–60 seconds then you know you can progress to the next level.
  2. Next stagger your feet one in front of the other and stand without moving for another 30–60 seconds. If you don’t make atleast 30 seconds, then maybe you should spend more time practicing with each foot in front of the other or go back to the first step. However if you have got good at this, then you should progress to the final step
  3. Stand on one foot. When you can do this well this is usually a sign of good balance.

With anything in life, practice makes perfect. To have better balance I recommend practicing these type of exercises everyday and again its okay to leave the flaming hoop at home.

About the Author: Eric Daw is an active aging specialist and the owner of Omni Fitt. Omni Fitt is dedicated to the wellbeing, health and quality of life of people aged 55 and over in Toronto. Eric motivates and empowers the older adult population to take responsibility for their independence, health and fitness through motivating and positive coaching experiences.