Why Hand Eye Coordination Is So Important For Seniors

One activity that I always like to do in the Older Adult/Senior classes that I teach in Toronto is to have people play with balls. If you were to observe what we did in class as exercise, it would probably look like a bunch of people bouncing balls and playing catch. Yes its fun but is there any other reasons why using balls is a staple of my senior fitness classes? Well if you haven’t guessed by the title as of yet, it is because of Hand Eye Coordination.

Often times when people think of Hand Eye Coordination, it is usually connected to sports. Basketball, football, hockey, tennis, volleyball and baseball are all sports that if you don’t have adequate hand eye coordination, you probably aren’t going to be very good. Unfortunately for many of us, once we pass our sporting years, we probably barely if ever practice using hand eye coordination skills like these.

The main reason hand eye coordination is so important for seniors because it is related to most of our everyday activities. Writing, exercising, cleaning or any activity where you have to trust your hands to do what our brain is telling it requires this type of coordination. Also since falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors, having the ability to quickly grab onto a chair or a railing to prevent a fall is not appreciated until hand-eye coordination is needed.

To give you a quick few tips on how to continue to practice hand eye coordination:

  1. Try using both hands to do simple activities like brushing your teeth or even eating
  2. Continue to involve yourself in activities that require you to play catch or bounce a ball
  3. Try activities like painting or creative activities where you are forced to create things with fine detail; this will allow your brain to practice the message being sent to your hands.

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About the Author: Eric Daw is an Older Adult specialist and the Owner of Omni-Fitt. Omni-Fitt is committed to the health of seniors through fitness and all areas of wellness. Eric motivates and encourages seniors in Toronto to take responsibility for their independence and health through positive mentoring experiences. You can find his work at Omni-Fitt or follow him on Facebook