Humanity in the Singularity

To remain ignorant is to remain human

Optimistic predictions suggest a blurring between AI and human intelligence occurs in 2045. A healthy level of skepticism can push that date further, but the pace of technological advancement cannot be ignored. So once there is no difference between thought and computation, how will we communicate? Will dogs go to singularity too? Will we know when we are being sold to versus truly wanting a Segway?

Rhetorical questions aside, there must be a way to maintain humanity when we are cyborgs. Humans have come too far and argued too much to just melt into a digital ether. Current understandings of thought provoking discussion cannot be such in the future. You won’t debate because you have the facts right in front of you. The truth.

Though, as far as Moore’s law observed, we have seen technological ability exponentially increase and break through to paradigms. However, we have also seen a bending of what we believe is truth. The most recent bend has occurred alongside an explosion in the possibility to reach out and find facts and figures. To not debate opinions but cooperate for legitimate solutions. Rationally solving differences through a good look at the stats and a firm handshake.

But that doesn’t happen. People have found crevices to wedge themselves into as opposing opinions wash over them. Humanity, as of late, is morphing into the ability to choose the truth we want to observe. And that opens pandora’s storage shed. Because truth, facts, data points, they all show a picture most don’t want to see. As The Big Short eavesdroppedly shared:

Truth is like poetry. And most people f****** hate poetry.

As we meld into our smartphones, it leaves a giant question nearly unanswerable. How to we remain human if being human means being ignorant to certain certainties. In order to maintain human characteristics alongside the ascension of technological improvement, there may be a growth in mistruth and truth misuse that would make Big Brother’s head spin. Let’s just hope there are no hard resets once the singularity hits, these past 200,000 years were quite laborious.