Top 3 Hybrid App Development Frameworks

It’s a great time for the mobile app developers! Why, you ask? Well, with an increasing demand of more and more interactive mobile apps and an equally increased availability of competent app development frameworks, things have really gotten better for the developers.

If you’re a mobile developer, it is crucial that you find your niche. Yes, I said your niche in mobile app development. So, what could it be? You can be a native mobile app developer or a hybrid mobile app developer or both. You can try your hands in creating platform-specific apps or cross-platform apps, or both?

If you’ve already decided and have chosen hybrid mobile app development as your pick, we have some good information for you. Here is a list of the top hybrid app development frameworks that you must learn:

1) Xamarin

If you’re an experienced mobile app developer, you must be well-versed with the glory of Xamarin when it comes to hybrid app development. Xamarin has language implementations for cross-platform development, including Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Microsoft .NET (Common Language Specifications).

The hybrid mobile app development experts can create native apps using the C# codebase in Xamarin and can share the code across different platforms for the app to be hybrid.

Xamarin is considered to be one of the best platforms for hybrid app development.

2) Ionic

An open-source SDK for the hybrid app development, Ionic is built on top of the Apache Cordova and Angular.JS.

With an extensive use of the web technologies like Sass, CSS, and HTML, Ionic helps the mobile app developers create highly interactive hybrid apps using the right tools and services.

Being an open-source framework, this is one of the most favored hybrid mobile app development frameworks as it is quite easy to use, constantly improved, and available for free.

3) PhoneGap

Known to be the open-source distribution of the Apache Cordova framework, PhoneGap is one of the most popular hybrid app development frameworks. The hybrid apps in PhoneGap are built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The framework allows you to create the hybrid applications using a single codebase. The apps are, thus, available for different platforms and devices.

With these three being three of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks, there are several other frameworks available for the app developers to try. So, you can master the best ones first and can try your hands on the rest, later. Start with these three and buff your mobile app development skills up!

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