Questions Every Parent Should Ask of Themselves

Parents, nothing is ever preventing you from having a loving, understanding, compassionate relationship with your children.

Nothing except you, of course.

The only thing standing in the way of a close, connected relationship with your children is you. So stop blaming them for any disconnection. Stop trying to fix and change your children, and admit that it’s you that needs to change.

I know it’s hard to look in the mirror sometimes, believe me on that. But that is what must be done, for your benefit and for theirs.

You can always choose to be more loving. You can always choose to find something to appreciate about them, or just to be a little more empathetic or understanding.

If you’re struggling to be more gentle, kind and loving, that’s an issue to work on yourself. It’s not something in your child that has to change. The struggle to be more gentle is within you, and it’s only ever about you and you alone.

The following are questions for every parent to ask of themselves:

  • Instead of demanding respect from your child, ask how you can be more respectful of them.
  • What are your own fears?
  • How is your own attitude getting in the way?
  • What is it in you that needs to change?

Parents, start asking those questions and everything will change in your relationship with your children, in your relationships with others, and most importantly, within yourself.

The greatest things you can do for your child are: healing your own wounds, changing your own thinking, and rising to your own potential as best you can.

Great parenting is not about demanding more out of your children. Great parenting is about demanding more from yourself.

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