Choose the Righteous Path, “Deserves got nothing to do with it”

The last scene of the 1992 Clint Eastwood movie “Unforgiven” does a wonderful job of summing up how life situations can sometimes unfold for people. Eastwood’s character William Munny said, right before using his Spencer rifle to shoot Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman), “Deserves got nuthin to do with it”.

In 1992, 13-year-old Eric didn’t really understand what William Munny meant by uttering that classic line. In fact, 24 years would pass before a 37-year-old Eric finally realized what Munny meant on that cold and rainy night of reckoning he brought on to Little Bill and his posse.

The movie’s brilliance comes from how it makes you cheer for brutal cold-blooded killers, and not the law. Granted, Hackman’s character does no favors in making the law “good guys” for whom to cheer for. Before being shot by Munny, Little Bill said, “I don’t deserve this”. Little Bill was correct in saying this! He didn’t deserve to be gunned down by a notorious cold-blooded killer while dutifully doing his job in bringing said killers to justice. However, as William Munny so eloquently said, “deserves got nuthin to do with it”.

In your life, bad things will occur and people will make attempts to do harm, and often is the case, “deserves got nuthin to do with it”. When this happens, walk the higher path, the righteous path, the path that leads to forgiveness and healing, it’s a much healthier path.

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