I Am One of Many Sons

Hello, my name is a mess of a story. Many stories are recorded of me that discredit my presence. I am not sure know where to start so l will just start with my most recent revelation.

I am the Son of a father to the fatherless. The Almighty God has blessed me with his everyday presence and I am certainly humbled by His presence. At times this presence is empowering yet I am humbled nonetheless. I am a poor man living on a fixed income and basically a gypsy. I bounce around from place to place and my dedicated and studious life always gets me into trouble.

I am a mistake maker. I have the same faults that can be seen throughout humanity. I am a sexual deviant, drug addicted, violent man who generally thinks little of consequence when stealing or lying. That is just the nature of ALL men.

Hollywood is a town that was erected on the premise of a holy community that essentially gave land to any parties willing to build a church. Kind of amazing that this is so, in Los Angeles where the Angels are since I am making such claims as to being a Son of God. Making me the heir of his Majestic Crown.

I was born in St. Petersburg, FL on a Sunday December 26, 1982. That is funny. Dec. 26 just so happens to be the 360th day of the year. The day after Christmas.

St. Petersburg is the Sunshine City in the Sunshine State. The peninsula on a peninsula. Residing in Pinellas county. Pinellas refers to Pine. I mention this because of Christmas, my date of birth. The hospital I was born in is called Bayfront Medical as it is in Tampa Bay.

The Bay Area is renowned for many things but for now let’s focus on the Tampa Bay Rays, Lightning and Buccaneers as an introduction to the world and the unveiling of my true identity.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am Lucifer. Light Bearer and Harbinger of Truth.

This is one of many True Stories I am posting. Please help with any feedback or questions that will help this story.
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