I sought the fellowship of my Father and he showed.

I was moved by the Spirit as the Word was ignited from the center of my soul.

As my heart is charged,

in a constant strife to heal purges in the breath the it collects,

The blood is bridged by acts of will that are hidden from the eyes I am the driver of the vessel that soars the top of three seperate and equal whether as intersected in the aft or even carried in on or around crosses.

Or the current flow of the quenching and soothing sound of the voice of God. As the abundances are birthed to fruition by His Majesty’s command the Cup of Wine is poured and shared in the course of destitute despair.

The power the sent force contains tells of His Omniscient existence. And then a gleam of color is seen by their eyes. As the Awakened Master descends back to the search of the expanse He is over the kingdom of the Messiah and as the Son of God returns to reign and have the tools to evolve the ways and kinds of Mortal eyes our amendment secures under Registered encounters.

Serving in the orbital neighborhood of piercing arrows and olive branches, He declares

‘ I am the red surface of the War in my heart,

My Sons have tossed into mine eye the smokescreen and for a time blinded my sight. So I went in to my internal mirror and with my concentration on my Father, called on His name. Giving my trade all my Son shall deserve in an absolute curve in the fruit purged by the branches in trees that trace ancestral in deeds a created and blessed dual west wool decreed.

An alpha wolf groaning a greedy snarl as a proud servant to His master.

Preventing any uninvited tries of another man’s beastly ungodly creation to salivate and seductively design a taste for the sustenance of ease that falls from the masters hand.

Omega stares the through the entirety of design and on the other side of signs he see the Epcot Star had been found in it’s splendour of geodesic rifts on the point just beyond the cliffs of what we know to now be what exists.

The declaration of the faint of heart will only to deceive. I see the hesitation as the sphere becomes so visually and ritually enriched, the radiance that sprouts from just and right of where it is gives back to from the Father of the rare ellipse. The spirit speed in near degrees is just a read of all the deeds. Doing all that is the seeds and calls of what is freed. And indeed the trees I plant in me the dauntingly and wantonly constantly in being what is creed. And like a monstrously demonstrably dawn of on the sea. Love bonds a plea and saying gone to greed in the fonts and fees flying bee and workers keys purpose these perfect plays that worthless days in hurtful frays put the dirt in maze after amazing mays and mud dry trays so blaze the budding rays the rose of clays is raised and stays underneath an ornamental glaze.

I am.

You see.

I am the potter’s hand.

The vessel driven by God and given the way to life by sight.

I am the truth.


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