Is Social Media Used to Create Race Wars? (Erica Ross Blog Response)

I was looking through everyones blogs to find something to respond to. Perfect, something dealing with whats going on now. To answer this question, the race war has already started, social media is used to make it worse.

One thing that I have noticed mainly about police shooting videos is the timing. You mean to tell me, there is one video every few months or weeks that has a white man shooting a black man? No way. We all know there are other crimes going on with different races, I want to see those videos. I dont want certain videos picked to suit what viewers are looking for. That is just feeding the fire and I dont like it. Are other cops just not videoing all situations in the United States of America? I do not believe that one bit. I believe they release these videos to social media because they know anyone and everyone will watch it and give a negative reaction. Put on your tin foil hat because I believe it is part of a bigger agenda.

People are mad. I get this. BLM was created because these shootings happen too often, and I understand the anger and frustration. However, do we think having viiolent protests and riots is going to make the race war better? No, it is only going to get worse. BLM may think that what they are standing up for and how they are doing it is right, but to others, they are violent acts. It really depends on how you look at it. I have never experienced racism nor given it so I will never understand the true feeling of oppression.

One thing I have noticed recently is how we have white people listening to music created by black artists. They dont even realize who they are listening to/supporting since they are against BLM. This contradiction baffles me and has me laughing to myself at times of loneliness. Thinking deeper into these situations and the race war, it seems to all be controlled by someone or something. It is quite a phenomenon to me.

This is what needs to be done to start making changes. First, stop just talking about it with others or through social media. Little protests that are nonviolent will make the cause greater and I guarantee that. If African Americans just all of a sudden stopped going to there jobs or work, the U.S. would stop for a little while. Its not just one race controlling the country, we need everyone to be working for our world to work. If a race suddenly decided not to work, it would feel like mini ghost towns all over the place. I dont want to put a name on whoever controls the agenda, but they know you know this is reality. I like to reference to the movie “A Bug’s Life” from time to time because it is incredibly relevant to what is going on now.

If this is not a perfect description of our current situations, I dont know what is. Hopper, the character, is literally giving us/you the answer. Stand up and stick together. For once, quantity over quality is necessary.

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