The Getaway

I wrote the title above, then proceeded to bury my face into my phone. I felt I did enough work to deserve it. Did I really though? All I did was type a total of 10 letters. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot of work. So, why would I choose to look at my phone? The reason we do this in situations, is to get away, to escape. We look at our phones now to get away from the reality that is presented in front of us. One of the more frequent times this happens is when someone is walking towards you and nobody wants to interact. Within seconds, we are both pretending to have something important going on on our devices. There usually isn’t. Why do we feel the need to escape reality? Is it so treacherous that we need constant breaks from it? I would personally answer yes to this question.

We hear everyday that cell phones, social media, technology are all ruining human interaction. I’m not here to argue that they don’t, because they do. It is too simple to pull out our phones and block out the whole world. Human interaction is decreasing more and more everyday and nobody really seems to mind. People will agree that they look at their phones when passing by somebody, but will never address it. We will get into awkward situtations and as soon as its over we will go to our phones for comfort. Honestly, why do we go to our phones for comfort? It is the reality you live, presented in a different way. I just realized this. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are typically the main go to social media sites. Guess what is there? All the people you avoid. Is it easier to express, talk and discuss behind a screen? We call these keyboard warriors on the internet. All they do is type behind a screen and say or do nothing in the real world. We are turning into a society that really does not like each other, or even interacting with one another. We have to post videos online of nice interactions between others to be reminded of what that feeling is. We use YouTube and Netflix to help us give meaning to our lives by relating it to others. Watching short compilations of feel good moments or movies on Netflix that have a happy ending. We like the idea and feeling of these moments, but not the actual interaction.

I believe people pick and choose who they want to interact with and when. I know that is a big generalization, but I am basing it off my own experiences and others. It is easy for us to just pull our phones out when the going gets tough or awkward, its just something to look at. People wonder what others used to do when phones werent a thing. The answer to that question is easy: they invested time in others and not just technology.