Why I Love Teaching Tennis

  1. Apparel Choice
When teaching tennis, the apparel of choice is a collared shirt and shorts. Sock choice are the professional’s choice, usually high or low socks. Typically, for a “real job,” people need to wear business attire which includes formal wear. One word: uncomfortable. I sometimes sleep in my work clothes and go straight to teaching.

2. My Career requires a talent

To be able to teach tennis, one must be able to play tennis. There are coaches that are better than others when they play, but those same coaches might have more to offer when it comes to different aspects of the game. One coach can teach you how to hit the ball the right way while the other teaches good strategy. One might be better in terms of hitting the balls, but both are able to teach as they play theirselves.

3. Money

I always receive flac for wanting to teach tennis the rest of my life, mainly becuase others don’t think I can support myself or a family. However, starting off might not be the most luxurious life but once the empire is built and people see that your abilities to teach help others, more and more people come to you to be taught. With this, comes money and it adds up quick. As I get better and better at what I do, people will talk and share my name. There is also the possibility of coaching a high level D1 or D2 college team. That normally pays more than your average job right out of school.

4. Happiness

One thing some people forget in this short life that we live is to be happy. Teaching tennis and being on the court all the time makes me happy. It isn’t always just about money, and I hate when people only talk to me about money. If I am constantly in a good spot, how can someone say what I am doing is wrong?

5. Creating your own tennis army

One on my favorite things about being a tennis coach is knowing that the people uou are teaching are learning my personal way of playing. Everything I tell them I do myself and it is like having a bunch of your own created tennis players walking around.

6. My life is spent on court

Either teaching or playing, I get to spend my life on court doing what I love. For some, finding a career you love can be a task. For me, I was lucky enough to develop a certain talent that is blooming into a successful career.
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