The 1993 song reinvigorated KRS-One’s career — and against all odds became a Hollywood (and police) favorite

In 1992, KRS-One was at a crossroads. After a string of three gold records, his group, Boogie Down Productions, had only sold 250,000 copies of its most recent album, Sex and Violence. He was under industry fire for throwing PM Dawn rapper Prince Be off the stage during a notorious…

Channel 37 wasn’t just one of the first Black-owned stations in the country — it was a launchpad for Bay Area stars

Back in early March, Rynell “Showbiz” Williams was on the phone with his friend Yancey Richardson, a producer who also does promotion work for Atlantic Records. Williams, 40, is a radio DJ in Monterey County on California’s Central Coast — but like Richardson, he grew up farther north in Oakland…

15 years ago, the Ying Yang Twins created a raunchy rap classic with a surprising shelf life

In the early months of 2005, hip-hop found itself, yet again, in a state of transition. Although The Game had just released his debut album, The Documentary, 50 Cent and his G-Unit juggernaut were beginning to show signs of strain. Free mp3s of new and unreleased songs were spreading around…

Eric Ducker

Writer and editor living in the great state of California. You can find his work at the Los Angeles Times, The Ringer, NPR & more.

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