Get More Done (by Doing Less)

Eric Edmeades
Mar 30, 2018 · 5 min read

This one small trick changed my life, reduced my stress, improved my self-esteem, and made me much more productive.

Eric Edmeades resting on Kilimanjaro | Photo by Kersti Niglas

In this article, I will walk you through a super simple but highly effective task-management system that I use and give you a copy of my personal action template.

My friends and clients know me as someone who gets a lot done but also has a great deal of fun. I have two children, a great wife and a wonderful home on Kite Beach where I kiteboard regularly. I have also owned a variety of businesses including those in mobile computing, military research and development and Hollywood special effects where I got to work on movies in the Transformers, Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.

This article will share one of my most simple and powerful strategies for inspiring productivity.

Like many interesting discoveries, I stumbled upon this little trick after noticing something about myself that made me laugh and then made me a tad embarrassed.

I created a new system for managing my lists that would change my feelings about productivity forever.

I created a template — I will send you a copy if you like — to manage this new structure. And it works with this basic idea:

Adding one more column to the template changed everything…

The extra column is all about overwhelm prevention: Stuff I want the Universe to Handle.

However it happens, items on this list are routinely handled or assisted ‘by the universe.’

If you would like a copy of my template, just click here and I will send one out to you straight away along with one more really great strategy for how to get more done in the same amount of time. A clue? Well, it is just as simple as the Not-To-DO matrix and it works by changing the way you feel about your projects.

Not-To-Do Matrix Tempalte

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