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Tell me 20 things I don’t know about our niche

David C. Baker is an advisor for businesses and charges18K a day. He’s helped more than 900 companies and is very knowledgeable about all the factors that make people and businesses successful.

In a recent article, he talks about the fact that many business owners do not know enough about a subject to keep their audience hooked on what they have to say… Their listeners stop listening because they simply do not have something new to say. David talks about the exercises he wants his clients to do in order to become better at what they do. …

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Sometimes you gotta do what you don’t wanna do, to figure out what you wanna do

Be honest, do or did you please other people to get their approval, or do you have trouble saying no to others? Are you tortured by the idea that someone might no like you? Then please read on, because I will help you set boundaries in six steps.

I recently found a video made by Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator, in which she explains the damage that’s caused by trying to please other people. If people try to please others, they tend to overlook the fact that the best person to please is themselves. She also talks about the things you need to do to please yourself instead of other people. …

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The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

How many people do you know always talk about how they are going to be the best at something, only to give up a few weeks later? No matter if it’s in business or in private circumstances, people say they want to become the best in what they do, but many people don’t want to work for it. Most people give up once they see how much effort and talent it costs to become the best at something. And if you don’t have the talent, can you still become the best? Yes, you can!

Leonardo was an artist who could seemingly look into the future to paint things that were not invented, but did you know he also made his own paint? This made him be both the thinker and doer. The combination of chemistry and vision resolved into exceptional results. …

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If you do the right things on the top line, the bottom line will follow

He dropped out of school, but turned his life around and ended up being worth more than 7 Billion Dollar. So it’s safe to say he knows how to do things right. Today I want to share with you how he always made the correct decisions that led him to success.

Steve starts by telling us what somebody taught him a long time ago; ‘If you do the right things on the top line, the bottom line will follow’. And this is what it means; if you do all the things right- you have the right strategy, the right people, the right culture within your company- if you all these things correctly, the bottom line will follow. …

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Lessons from Dame Dash, Inky Johnson, and Russell Brand

People always tend to second guess themselves, but during hard times in life-for whatever reason- it’s even more important to find ways on reducing fears and moving on in life regardless.

Fear for the unknown is nothing more than your body telling you that a change is coming. Now is the time to change, the bigger the fear the bigger your improvements can be if you choose to improve.

So what do you choose; being afraid of the unknown or accepting the challenge of improving?

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He went from a boy being raised by an abusive father to being the 21st most powerful person in the world

Everybody wants to give up at times when things get rough, so do I. But one of the most powerful persons in the world never gave up, no matter how hard things got. His childhood was not a good one either, growing up with an abusive father also did not stop him. So did he never gave up? How does he reach his goals no matter what? Is he different than us? The answer is NO, I’ll do my best to explain how he survives every single time, without giving up.

Take SpaceX for example, he has the third failed launch in a row in 2008. In the meaning he was also raising money for Tesla in 2008- GM and Chrysler were going bankrupt at the time- the Tesla fundraising also fell apart due to the financial crisis at the time. It looked like all of his three companies were going to die, all this was during his divorce. So it’s safe to say that this was not a good year for Elon. …

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You limit your interaction with them in order to help them

We all have them, that friend or family member who drains you mentally. After spending time with them (sometimes even as little as one hour) you feel that you need a break from them, they used up all your energy with their negativity. And sometimes you even feel that it’s better if you don’t see them anymore. But how do you do that without hurting them? How do you do that without even feeling bad about it?

I have been in this situation a few years ago, I have known this guy for almost 10 years. He has always been the guy that likes to exaggerate things a bit but it was never really a problem for me since I tended to do the same, I was trying to make up for my low self-esteem. But after a few years I decided to better my life, and this guy was always trying to make himself look good by telling lies and stealing energy from every person around him including me. So I decided to something about it since I did no longer deserve to be around people like him, this is what I did. …

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3 Steps: Find out the cost, see the true market value, and expand

I am going to explain in 4 minutes how you can double your income during troubles times. Most freelancers (especially the ones that work alone) believe they do not have a budget to bid on projects (especially during a crisis), but the opposite is true. There are three things you need to do to make it all happen, by following the three steps below you can do it, so let’ s go!

The first step is research: Find the best freelancers in your niche, this can be a semi-famous writer in your niche, a good sales-person who helps people sell what you sell, it does really matter in which niche you work as long as you research people who are (slightly) above your level. …

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Do you react, respond or initiate during hard times?

There are ways to make a crisis even worse, ways to neutralize, and luckily there are ways to improve. Let’s talk about the causes, and the effects, and how you can use a crisis to improve your life.

There is a group of people who get scared start buying tons of food including toilet paper, this group is reacting to their fear. These are generally also the people who go to the beach, take a holiday, or still go outside for the simple reason that they are bored. …

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84% of all new Entrepreneurs could benefit from this one change

What if I would tell you that your audience does not buy (enough) from you because something is off with how you present yourself? If you’re not selling as much as you want or can, there must be something you can improve, right? There is this one change in your mindset that will change the way you’ll do business and greatly increase your sales, let me explain how.

When you put out content, it’s likely that your goal is to get your audience to buy from you. 84% of all entrepreneurs will say yes, what else? By altering the goal of your content, your audience will be so much more engaged. …


Eric Jan Huizer

Freelance translator, Passionate Writer, but most of all a Proud Husband. Writing about Marketing, Mindset, and Entrepreneurship.

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