Online Video Service Operators Are Swimming Against The Current
Colin Dixon


Always nice to see your posts. I think the lessons here apply broadly to product development as a whole. But media companies and video apps seem particularly vulnerable to a short-sighted product strategy.

At Cainkade, we see many business owners view the 1.0 or launch of a product as the last day of the effort rather than the first day. In reality, after the launch the product becomes a living, breathing organism that needs to be looked after, cared for, fed and guided.

I see three consistent issues.

  1. Products are built to be perfect on day 1 (which is impossible in a world of change), rather than instrumented and built to be updated and optimized in response to changing customer and market needs.
  2. Business owners don’t budget or staff to support the product on an ongoing basis. The product is born and it has to leave the nest immediately.
  3. There is no single product owner that goes to sleep and wakes up thinking only about the product. Most often we see either multiple stakeholders with no clear ownerships, or a single stakeholder with shared responsibility across different projects or products.