Ghosts and Unicorns: The influence of Time

“Time is the wisest counselor of all” — Pericles

For the last year or so, I found myself pretty much fascinated by the concept of time and how time influences us, how some things become clear only after you observe them for some period and how things and relationships are being built and ruined as time passes.

In my last article “Ghosts and Unicorns or symbols of creative and destructive mental states”, I have described two emotional states which are Ghosts (Destructive and dangerous mental addictions to things, ideas and people who suck one dry, yet look like good and healthy from the perspective of society’s standards) and Unicorns (Mental addictions to people, ideas or things which make one go through excessive amount of challenges in order to achieve the desired result, which one might not, yet which bring the sincere feeling of fulfillment for one’s actions). In this article, I would like to add the concept of time into the game, and try to explain my opinion of what effect the time has on our Ghosts and Unicorns.

The first effect of time is destruction. Like the gravity which holds you on the ground if you do not put enough energy to jump, the time will destroy things if you do not put enough effort to maintain it. As an example we can take the abandon cities which are slowly crumbling because there is no one to do the repairs.

The same effect time has on friendship, romantic relationship, families and our “Ghosts” and “Unicorns”. Time has no mercy and will slowly destroy something, if this something is not cared about properly.

We can take an example most of people can refer to — relationships with former school classmates or university course mates. With how many of your former school classmates you still maintain contact on regular basis. Quite few I might guess. There is a possibility that in school you might have had great or horrible relationship with some of them, yet after you have graduated and stopped any kind of communication, all of your accumulated love or hatred towards each other have vanished as time has passed, unless you maintained and cultivated it in yourself during that time. And now if you will meet them on the street, there is chance that you will feel excitement for couple of moments and that’s all. On the other side, if you have maintained those relationships on the constant basis there is a chance that they are much better now, than they were earlier.

The same thing is with our “Ghosts” and “Unicorns”. As long as we continue to chase them and invest our time in them, they will be part of our lives. As soon as we decide not to, because of various reasons, they will start to fade away. In the case with “Ghosts” it’s a good thing. In case with “Unicorns” it’s not that good.

Second thing about influence of time, is that as it passes and we Mature, if of course we decide to, some of our ideals begin to change. Some of our “Unicorns” might turn into “Ghosts” and backwards. For example, during School you would be considered to be great student if you have submitted all of your assignments on time, where present during all of the classes, were polite with teachers and other classmates. Your “Unicorn” might have been something like that: “I want to be the best one in this system”. It was good for you during school, university and in might have supported your career if you decided to go into the big company. Yet if you have decided to become entrepreneur, artist or something which requires different kind of thinking, than you “Unicorn” will most likely turn into the “Ghost” because the idea of being best in the system will not correspond with his new idea. Being best in the system means that in order to go higher one needs the approval of higher standing colleagues, whereas being great entrepreneur means making people want to use your solutions for their problem which is different approach. In this case, one should understand that his “Unicorn” has turned into the “Ghost” and he should abandon one and create new “Unicorn” which will help him on his new path.

The best way to understand whether you “Unicorn” is really still an “Unicorn” is to review your emotional states and goals time to time. It is good to do those things on constant basis, like once per week or once per month. Our life might take unexpected turns sometimes and if we want to continue to live, we need to adapt. And it is up to us, how fast we we decide to adapt. Because time will not go back and I did not hear about time machine being invented any time soon, so it’s better to re-think your ideals faster than it is slower, and than move on.

1) Time is crucial force in our life
2) Time can destroy most of the things if you do not care and invest in them enough
3) As time passes your “Ghosts” might turn into your “Unicorns” and vice versa 
4) Review your emotional states and attachments in order to see whether you are on a right track

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