Ryan Grove

This was great to watch as it brought back many memories of our trip to Iceland earlier this year. The endless expanse of moss covered lava flows, bubbling mud pits that made you feel like you were on Venus, and walking inside the glacier are things I’ll never forget about that place.

We had a different experience with circling the Ring Road in an RV — we loved it! Maybe it was because it was just the two of us? Not having to worry about where we were going to stop that night until after dinner was much less stressful and freeing than our trip to NZ where we also drove around the South Island but pre-booked a bunch of places to say, many for just one night. Seeing all the RVs in NZ is what convinced us to rent one for Iceland.

We plan to go back to Iceland someday on a layover to Europe and spend a few days in the peninsula north of Reykjavik.

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