Minimize Your Time, Maximize Results

Being pressed for time doesn’t mean your workout must suffer. In fact, having less time to train might actually increase your results. Hear me out because I know what some of you are thinking. Let’s say you perform a set of 60 pound incline dumbbell chest presses for 12–15 reps, rest for 90 seconds, perform another set, rest and repeat before you move to a different exercise. Add up the rest between sets and it’s a total of 4.5 minutes of waiting. So, 7.5 minutes for one exercise and most of it isn’t work! No wonder some people think they don’t have enough time to get a productive workout in with only 20–30 minutes.

Before you become a doubter just try this workout next time the clock has you in its clutch. Adjustments need to be made so here are my suggestions before performing the workout: decrease your regular upper body weights by 5 pounds and decrease lower body exercises by 10 pounds. Take as little to no rest between exercises and focus on moving through a full range of controlled motion during the exercise. Pause briefly in both the concentric and eccentric phases of each movement. Perform a total of 20 reps per exercise. If you’re unable to execute the exact exercises listed that’s ok, modify as needed.

  1. Leg press/barbell or dumbbell squat
  2. Barbell/dumbbell deadlift or walking lunge
  3. Hip adduction & abduction (machine or bands)
  4. Dumbbell single leg calf raise (hold DB on the same side of the leg being worked)
  5. Seated chest press machine or barbell or dumbbell flat chest press
  6. Seated mid row machine or incline pronated dumbbell row
  7. Barbell/dumbbell incline chest press
  8. Pull over machine or close grip pulldown or close grip pull up
  9. Barbell/dumbbell shoulder shrug
  10. Barbell/dumbbell shoulder press
  11. Barbell/dumbbell bicep curl
  12. Barbell/dumbbell tricep extension

Stop! Don’t perform another set. Wipe the sweat from your brow and get on with your day. Perform the same workout 3 days a week, resting a day between workouts. Get enough sleep, clean up your nutrition and keep training hard.

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