NFL is kind of racist, no?

A racist will never feel awkward at a NFL game.

NFL stance on civil rights? They don’t care if you break them, they just don’t want you to defend them.

Kaepernick could of beat his wife. He could of killed puppies. Drove drunk. Pretty much anything and kept in good graces with the NFL. So why is he blacklisted?

Is the NFL really owned by a bunch of racists?

The NFL is not just a patriotic corporate sports organization- they are “professionally patriotic”-They are paid to do things like sing the national anthem and have military jets fly overhead. NFL is a show. Like WWF. They don’t cater to the communities many of the players come from, they take advantage of them.

The NFL destroys communities by strapping the cost of stadiums to the local tax’s. They pay men to smash each other on the field while a stadium full of watch. Mostly White “owners” of the mostly black players, sit in a glass box and feel really superior. This is a fact not missed by fans.

They blame Kap for not standing and singing the national anthem with pride. A song written by a racist slave trader.

Did you know the NFL is paid for it’s patriotism? Much of its image is fake, especially the patriotism. The jets flying over- paid propaganda.

Kaepernick is too good for the NFL. He’s too real. It would be a shame if his greatness was wasted. He’s more than a billionaires game piece on a field. To me, Kollin made the whole NFL look ridiculous. Pathetic. Outdated. Due for a replacement.