Republicans already backing out of “TrumpCare”.

Congressman Mark Sanford posted this on Facebook. He states that this vote was only symbolic- meant to:

“continue the conversation” about healthcare.

Wait, What!

The GOP has had 8 1/2 years to talk about it. That’s literally all they did for the past 4 congressional terms. Make no mistake- they are just plain dishonest and spineless politicians.

After wasting day after day, year after year, voting to kill Obamacare- and they are just starting to talk about a solution?

“this is just the first step” -rep Sanford
— wouldn’t the first step be to come up with a solution?

The truth is this. The republicans don’t want any solution for healthcare. If they did, single payer would be it. That’s not what this is about.

This is about making corporations more money.

This is about a tax break for the wealthy.

He just voted to make RAPE-, a pre-existing condition! This is an insult to the intelligence.

— So, we are to believe the GOP just made the first step to harm millions of Americans in order to “start” a “talk”.

A talk about what? What is he saying?

- he’s ok with screwing the public, but he just doesn’t want to take the blame?

This bill is economic racism. It’s an attack on the principles of humanity and the very principles of America. To increase profits for those doing the best, the GOP is willing to throw millions of our most vulnerable Americans into a literal hell. No death panels needed.

— not a billionaire? Oops- too bad for you.

Emergency costs more than you have, you should of thought of that.

It was your “CHOICE”

The GOP supports Americans needlessly suffering and dying if it makes more money for the corporations. Even 24 million people at risk. No problem. ?

Let’s not ignore one of the driving motivations of the TrumpCare bill- The supporters of it don’t like blacks, immigrants, or any minority getting stuff for “free”. This bill is just as racist and xenophobic as the “Muslim ban”

Some are literally giddy at the thought of the “others” suffering. It’s insane

You can’t overcome the evil in this bill. I don’t care if some voted for it thinking it’s “symbolic”- it’s disgusting-

This bill literally makes being a woman a pre-existing condition.

It makes being raped a pre-existing condition.

This bill, they know, will literally kill tens of thousands of Americans.

it will cause 24 million to lose coverage- tens of millions of people to be left in limbo.

You can read the congressman statement below- I just find it totally crazy that he is willing to do this horribly evil. He is ok with ripping healthcare from 24 million humans- that’s fine- but he’s now a little scared his base isn’t quite on board with dying- I’m not joking. He will have killed people that voted for him with this bill by next election. He doesn’t care about the consequences to the people, he just care’s about his own greedy pockets. Make no mistake- evil is running the White House right now and we’ve had many devils in congress waiting to take full advantage. I don’t mean it religiously- but it’s hard not to see this as just evil. Right here on earth.

What else can you call it?

Deny pregnant woman healthcare

Shame rape victims- even label them

Value profits over the heath of people.

Judge “others” based on money, race and religion.

It doesn’t take religion to see this evil.

“I think it’s important to recognize this vote for what it is: a vote to continue the conversation about where we go next on healthcare. The Senate may or may not act on all or parts of the bill, and if they do, it will come back to the House for yet another vote. Most significantly, it’s my hope that this will ultimately serve as a first step in the process of getting toward a sustainable healthcare system. It is not a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, but the bill’s architecture does work to lower costs, increase choice, and cultivate a more competitive health insurance marketplace while providing protections for those with pre-existing conditions.
“I have been profoundly moved by the stories told by so many at home over the last few months on healthcare and its meaning for and effect on themselves and those they love. I look forward to continuing those conversations and working to find a solution that helps both those in profound health need and those in the individual marketplace who would like to see premiums reduced and choices expanded.” “” — Mark Sanford (soon to be ex-Congressman)

E Peterson