Teacher and student argue over use of the N-Word

That might be a high school teachers last lecture.(Watch video)

In this video, a white teacher tries to explain how it’s ok for him to use the N-Word to a black student. His career is probably over. But this is a perfect example of what I’ve been discussing- the “new” racism in America is not kkk meetings, it’s the denial that racism exists.

It’s not that Americans want to support police killing children, but if you ignore that racism exists, the child must of “deserved it”.

If you ignore racisms existence, you can say the underfunded schools are failing because the kids are “disrespectful” or “don’t want to learn”.

If you deny that racism exists, you can have a black president at the same time black people get harassed, extorted and put into slave labor prison factories. “Look- one is president” must be a choice.

Yes, the new racist is not a person that screams the N-word angrily-

The new racist denies their is any racism to give that word meaning.

They will say “I’m not racist” — but not seeing racism, is one of the cruelest ways to be a racist.

In conclusion. Racism doesn’t require active participation. Silence is acceptance. And is required for racism to continue.

At this point, if your white, you should be wondering why every black man is not in full riot mode. Not if the n-word has been “commotatized”.

P.S. — to the teacher and others like him.

Your not Emenem. You don’t need to understand- just stop even thinking about using the word.
Free advise: Every time you feel the urge to talk about the N-word- start with #BlackLivesMatter, police brutality, mass incarceration, war on drugs, economic racism and voter suppression.

Stay safe people. Link is below.

E Peterson